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Dear Colleagues,

Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University of the Uzbek Language and Literature is organizing The Annual International scientific-theoretical conference "ALISHER NAVO’I AND 21 CENTURY", to be held in Tashkent on February 8, 2020 in honor of the 579th  anniversary of the great poet.


Goals and objectives of the conference:

  1. Issues of studying Navo’i poetry.
  2. Problems of Navo’i studies.
  3. The literary heritage of Alisher Navo’i in the vision of textual analysis.
  4. The combination of poetic form and content Alisher Navo’i’s “Hamsa”.
  5. Alisher Navo’i prose: genre, style and image.
  6. The role of Alisher Navo’i literary heritage in world civilization.
  7. Translation of Alisher Navo’i’s works in foreign languages and study abroad.
  8. Problems of teaching Navo’i’s works in the education system.
  9. Scientific interpretation of Alisher Navo’i’s works in linguistics.
  10. Study of the literary heritage of Alisher Navo’i in the aspect of historical poetry.         


Work languages: Uzbek, English, Russian and Turkiс languages

Participation in the conference:

academic (lectures and articles will be published);

correspondence (article will be published).

Attendance should include the following:

The articles should be sent to the Organizing Committee by January 15, 2020 (, the name of the report submitted by the applicant to the Conference and the format of participation should be clearly indicated.


Dear participants of the conference, we would like to draw your attention to the requirements for writing articles!

The procedure for submitting an application for participation in the conference and the conference materials are as follows:

Publication of conference materials:

The selected materials will be published as a collection of materials of the International conference on "ALISHER NAVO’I AND XXI CENTURY".

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make technical modifications to the materials as well as not to disclose the matter in the absence of acceptance or refusal.

A copy of the payment receipt will also be sent to the e-mail address (

The conformation of your article receipt will be sent to your e-mail, if you have not been notified within working 3 days, you will be asked to contact the Organizing Committee.

At the end of the event, the conference proceedings will be handed out.

The participation fee for foreign researchers, including publication of one article and Certificate is 50 USD.

The payment of article or thesis for local participants is 20 000 sums per page.


Application form

Last name


First name




Country, City


Academic degree




Place of work




Form of participation (academic, correspondence)




Title of article




Contact number



Article requirements:

The article size must be 7 pages. The thesis size should be not less than 3 pages.

The format of article is docx. Interval is 1 inch , from the right - 15 mm, from the left - 30 mm, from top and bottom - 20 mm, font Times New Roman 14 pt.- The article title should not exceed 12 words;

- The article title should be presented in the original language with a translation into English;

Annotation of article should be given in English before the text of the article;

- At least 5 key words must be followed by the annotation;

The article text should be given below key words.

Information about the author: The name, surname and patronymic of the author, the academic title, organization name and e-mail address should be indicated at the right bottom of the article.

The order of the applicant and the literature used: The source link is in the square bracket, the surname, year of publication and page. Example: [Nurmonov, 2012: 56].

The list of used literature is given at the end of the text in the aforementioned order.


Telephone:  +998 97 740 34 96 (International Conference coordinator).






Trace of the cosmogonic myth in "Irk Bitig"

Abdullaev Javohir Usman uglu *


Annotation, annotation, annotation, annotation, annotation, annotation, annotation, annotation, annotation, annotation, annotation, annotation.

Keywords: (5-7 words). Keywords, keywords, keywords, keywords, keywords, keywords, keywords.


Primary text. (Page 7-…) Basic text. Primary text. Primary text. Primary text. Primary text. Primary text. Primary text. Primary text. Primary text. Primary text. Primary text. [Akramov, 1997: 3]. Primary text. Primary text. Primary text. Primary text. Primary text. [Kormushin, 1997: 200].



  1. Akramov G. The concept of mythology and space in "Khamsa" // Uzbek language and literature. 1997 №2. - B. 78-81.

2. Jo'rayev M., Narzikulova M. Myth, folklore, literature. Alisher Navoi National Library of Uzbekistan. - T .: 2006. - B. 183.

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5. Кормушин И.В. Тюркские и енисейские эпитафии. Тексты и исследование. Наука. – М.: 1997. – С. 303.



* Associate Professor, Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature.,






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