Additional Costs


Additional consumption


Payment is made by the applicant at the place of obtaining a visa (Consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan) at his own expense.

** Visa fee - $ 5US

Payment can be made together with the transfer of the total amount for the training course or upon arrival in Uzbekistan through the transfer of foreign currency to the Language Center in any Bank of Uzbekistan.

*** Payment for temporary registration.

1 month - $ 20US

Payment is made strictly in the territory of Uzbekistan through the transfer of foreign currency to the Department of Internal Affairs through any Bank of Uzbekistan



Tuition fees (SOME OF THEM) are made by transferring the specified amount to the Personal account of the University. Requisites of the bank are sent to the student after completing the QUESTIONNAIRE (registration for study).

If the student is able to obtain a visa without the support of the University, payment for tuition, accommodation and visa fees can be made in the territory of Uzbekistan upon arrival.

The cost of the payment includes: language courses, as well as a hostel. Meals are not included in the price.

The hostel is located on the campus of the university. On campus there is also the main building of the university, a library, a dining room and several buffets. All students are provided with a pass badge, which allows you to freely enter and exit the Campus.

The hostel consists of 9 floors. The third floor is given to foreign citizens. The hostel number can be two or three persons. The room service includes a weekly supply of clean bed linen. The student does his own washing of his clothes and cleaning the room. The washing room is located on the 1st floor of the hostel. On the territory of the hostel there is also a medical center, a small gym, an information room. The kitchen is shared, has a common open balcony with access to the courtyard of the Campus.

* Visa fees are not included in the study fees. Expenses associated with the visa, the student must cover himself.

** The visa fee is the payment for visa registration in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Payments are made by the Language Center at the time of filing the visa application. Upon the arrival of the student, the Visa Duty is collected through payment through any Bank of Uzbekistan.

*** Temporary registration is the official registration of a foreign citizen in the territory of Uzbekistan, which is carried out within 3 days from the date of arrival in Uzbekistan. The cost of 1 month of temporary registration is 20 dollars. Registration is carried out in the Regional Department of Internal Affairs (Migration Department). In the territory of each Regional Department of Internal Affairs there is an oral bank, where you can pay for temporary registration. In case of not passing the temporary registration for 3 days, the student will incur a state fine in the amount of 400 minimum wages (172,000 soums, the total amount is 68,800,000 = $ 8,600). To avoid this problem, you must inform the responsible person from the Language Center about your arrival on the day of your arrival.

Payment for tuition, hostel, visa fee, as well as temporary registration is made exclusively through the bank. For each payment, the student is provided with a copy of the receipt.

Being in the territory of Uzbekistan, the student undertakes to observe and not violate the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Being on the territory of the university, the student accepts and signs the regulations of the internal regulations in the hostel prescribed for foreign and local citizens.