Rector of TSUULL

Students, undergraduates and future graduates of
TSUULL will faithfully serve to Uzbekistan. They will
become not only pride, but also a support for the
development of the university. The recent centuries went
down to history as the period of humiliation and belittling
of the great culture, scientific potential, art and literature
of the Uzbek nation. Uzbek scientists were isolated from
the world. The only possible researches were the ones that
used to support the ideological pressure to the nation. As
the result, a complete unjust image of the Uzbek nation in
general appeared in the whole world. The independence
freed the nation from a hundred year dependence. If it
were not for the independence we would never be able to
revise or history just and show the whole world the real and
original culture and identity. The main reason of founding

the TSUUL is to realize this grand mission. Now we are at

the beginning of this important way.
We have a strong believe that our future is bright and
full of possibilities!
There is no doubt that the great Uzbek nation is to regain
its historical place in the world.