TSUULL Summer School


Summer is a season for spending time with pleasure and a lot of advantures. Tashkent State university of Uzbek language and literature is pleased to offer you this great chance. This is a good opportunity to visit Uzbekistan and its ancient cities, which are included into the Heritage List of UNESCO. Wonderful warm weather, long summer days and especially active students’ life is waiting for you!

Besides Uzbek language courses, TSUULL provides you with a cultural program: excursion around the capital of Uzbekistan – Tashkent on an open double-decker bus,  visits to famous museums, sightseeings of city center, going to the mountains, and a trip to historical places like Samarkand, Bukhara, Khorezm.

One of the most interesting events is a an amazing travel to Samarkand, Bukhara and Khorezm, ancient cities of Uzbekistan, where you can see the vaults of heaven, taste Uzbek national food and oriental sweets, find out what is “Chaykhana” and walk in the bazaar.

Picnics, travels to nature and different entertaining games concerning the Uzbek language cource is also a part of summer program. In this way courses run from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 12.30, in the afternoon, while in the evening you may get acquainted with the wonderful city of Tashkent.

Detailed information



Tashkent city is situated in one of the most recognized regions of Central Asia. Tashkent without exaggeration is the center of science, culture and enlightenment of the country. There are hundreds of prestigious organizations including scientific research institutions of Uzbekistan, under the direction of Academy of Science of the Republic of Uzbekistan, training professional specialists in all fields of science.

The capital of the country is proud of its wonderful state monuments carefully preserved in the territory of the country which are under the protection of UNESCO.

Tashkent preserves its unique charm: living here is pleasent and comfortable, without any stress. Trainings will be held in comfortable and bright auditories, in ecologically clean territories of the city.


Learning Uzbek language

Age: 17 years old and older than 17.

Course duration: 15 days, June 25 — July 20

The amount of students in class: up to 20 students

The structure of the program: Uzbek language courses + excursions + extra curricular activities

The duration of the lesson: from 60 to 80 minutes 

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