Throughout the time at university, some wonderful experiences
can come from the involvement with clubs, societies and
volunteering projects.
Clubs and societies are a great way to make new friends, meet
like-minded people and expand their horizons. They give the
chance to try something students might never have thought of
before, making their experience at TSUULL about so much more
than just getting a degree.
We are proud to offer over 30 active societies that organize and
run weekly activities related to culture, academia, arts, sporting
activities and campaigns. From calligraphy to chess,
programming to dancing, they are willing to get involved.
We are also proud to offer local volunteering opportunities in
and around TSUULL with links to over 100 organisations.
Whether they are looking to volunteer abroad, run their own
project or get involved with the local community, we are likely
to have something that suits.
If they are interested in writing, filmmaking, playing dramas or
just watching films, there is a society at TSUULL for them to get
involved with. Many of our Club members are taking the lead in
these groups and they offer great opportunities to socialise as
they learn and develop new skills enhancing both language
knowledge and employability.