Message from the Rector

Dear visitors!

The history, culture, language and literature of Uzbek people have been misinterpreted for the past hundred years. During this period a great number of false theories and scientific assumptions on our history and traditions were made. It was only May, 2014, when an international conference on the contribution of our great ancestors to the world science, culture and civilization in whole, was held in Samarkand, where the world got the chance to reveal our real history and heritage of our people. A new step in intensifying the explorations of Uzbek language and literature, delivering the gorgeous and unique beauty and value of historical, cultural, spiritual and philosophical heritage of our people to the world; investigating already existing ideas and theories on the abovementioned spheres from the point of view of true science free of former ideology was made. A new national university, which is unique and one-off according to both structure and goals it is to achieve in the future, was founded. Although it was founded 3 months ago, we managed to start properly the new academic year. We have great goals to achieve. It was Islam Karimov, the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, who told that we are to reach the great goals in front. He strongly believed that the university will be the main tool in promoting not only the Uzbek language and literature, but the history, spiritual, cultural and scientific potential of our people on the world stage. He used to stress that “The language contains the spirit of its people”, “The language and nation are sacred concepts”, “spiritual richness is gained from the literature”, by means of language and literature he would encourage us to promote worldwide the great position of Uzbekistan in the world civilization. In his historical decree on founding of our university, the founder of an independent Republic of Uzbekistan, the great leader Islam Karimov, set forward numerous tasks. Wide promotion of the Uzbek language is one of those tasks. We must provide an intensive and wide usage of the Uzbek language within the governing system of the society and country. We must prepare all the necessary manuals and dictionaries in the spheres like banking, financing, economy and military. For these purposes, the faculty of Uzbek philology was found. To provide the country with highly-qualified translators and interpreters, who will be able to do literal, scientific, political translations into the world languages, meanwhile, promoting our cultural heritage to the world. For achieving these goals, the faculty of Uzbek-English translation was founded in the university.         

One of the objectives our university striving for is conducting scientific research connected with the historical development, current state and perspectives of the Uzbek language in addition to preparing scientists who can contribute effectively to the field. Founded on the base of the university, Scientific Research Institute of Uzbek Language is a prominent example of science and education integration where both students and scientists fulfill different scientific projects, master and doctorate dissertations. To implement above mentioned goals we will have to attract world-known scholars.  International Research Center for international scientists who are interested in investigating  literature, history and philosophy of Uzbek people is expected to operate in the nearest future.

A further important task is to reform the methodology of teaching Uzbek language and literature in the continuous education system to provide educational institutes with skilled pedagogues. The faculty of teaching Uzbek language and literature is the institution which works on a new methodology in corporation with Ministries of Public Education and Higher and Secondary Specialized Education.

Bringing up specialists faithful to the motherland and national idols is a matter of honor for the university. Our great leader I.A Karimov named the university after Alisher Navai and it is no coincidence. Being a poet and philosopher Alisher Navai is our nation’s symbol. “Museum of Uzbek language and literature” , the possession of the university, serves as a spiritual spot to teach youth  the pride in their nation, literature, history and deepening the sense of patriotism.  The university is thought to be one of the main performers who implements strategic ideas into reality such as bringing up the nation and increasing the value of spirituality.

Dear visitors of our site,

Uzbekistan has widely been recognized. All the efforts of the university staff is to lift the ranking of the university among leading universities of the world, moreover, we are longing for carrying out duties successfully in the international arena. We have all necessary facilities to reach our target. Obviously, our government is doing its best develop education and the university’s hard-working, well-educated and experienced team have hope and ambition for the future.

Welcome to the site of Tashkent state university of Uzbek language and literature named after Alisher Navai. Hopefully,  you can find detailed information about our university here. Let’s assume your first visit to our site as an initial point of our creative collaboration.




Shuhrat Sirojiddinov

PhD of Philology, professor