The celebration of the 104th anniversary of Zulfiyakhanum

Date of publication:
02 March 2019

The first day of the spring has been started with celebration the birthday of poetess Zulfiyakhanum in our country. The 104th anniversary of Zulfiya Israilova has been celebrated at Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University of the Uzbek Language and Literature, who has become a bright symbol of the Uzbek women for her creative work, poignant life, for being wise and noble. The speakers noted during the event that Zulfiya was the singer of spring, elegance and beauty. Performances of the nominates of “Zulfiya” award and talented students delighted the guests. The poetry competition by students was worth notice of the literature admirers. As a tradition, spring has come with the event that is full delightful songs, poetry and melody in TSUULL.