Debate classes assist students to improve their language skills

Date of publication:
04 December 2018

The role of interactive lessons in learning foreign languages ​​is remarkable. The lessons at our university are organized inimitably and compellingly. Remarkably, the students of Uzbek-English translation faculty are very fond of Integrated English language classes. What is the reason for this? The proficient young teachers search new approaches and means to help their students to learn English perfectly. The lessons are organized differently, such as actual training for forthcoming translators. For instance, the lesson we visited was held as a debate in the group 205. The students were divided into two groups and started to debate. Eco-defenders, like potential politicians, held talks on the topic "Exploitation of animals." These sessions serve to improve the skills of speaking fluently in English, listening comprehension, studying terminology, and writing literacy. Young teachers, organized interesting lessons, Charos Abdullayeva and Dilnoza Usmanova, said that   the students expect modern and effective lessons. Traditional classes are also needed, but the non-traditional course encourages the student to stay focused during the lessons and urges them study out of classes.