Foreign specialists are teaching at TSUULL

Date of publication:
01 March 2019

The classes that having been provided by foreign specialists at Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University of the Uzbek Language and Literature have become a workshop in the full sense of the word. In particular, the classes of Yuriy Ivanovich Maskalev, Russian poet, a member Union of Russian Writers’, the candidate of numerous international awards have been memorable events for the students of Graduate Master’s Course in Literature, which has recently been established at the university from the current academic year. Yuriy Ivanovich is the author of “Poems about happiness” bestseller ontology. His thoughts about poetry and poet, as well as literature and life have made a great impression on young poets and a good motivation for their future creative search.    

Along with this master class, Hisao Komatsu, a Japanese Professor delivered a lecture in another room for the students of the newly established "Turkology", which was organized for the students of Joint master program  Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University. the students were provided in class with important information about the ancient history of the Turkic nations, in particular, the Altai monuments and the Altaic language. Elena Ivanova, a student at the Faculty of International Relations of Nizhniy Novgorod State Linguistic University, a close associate of TSUULL, conducted an interesting seminar-training with the Uzbek peer on scientific and practical works in the fields of international relations public diplomacy which is being carried at her university. Elena, who visited Uzbekistan on the basis of a student exchange agreement signed between the UNN and the TSUULL, did not hide her admiration. However, despite the fact that there is no faculty or education in the field of international relations, yet political, cultural and economic knowledge of the students is solid at TSUULL.  In other words, Alisher Navo'i Tashkent State University of the Uzbek Language and Literature is internationally active, and it is noted to be one of the best places for foreign specialists for scientific and pedagogical activity.