Language and literature of Turkic peoples is prevalent

Date of publication:
14 September 2018

        The 2018-2019 academic year began with the active visits of our foreign partners. Professor Abdulvahab Kara from Istanbul's Nafis Art Institute, editor of “Turkish Literature” magazine in Turkey, famous turkish writer Bahtiyar Aslan and Umer Kichik Mehmet ugli, PhD of International Turkish-Kazakh University named after Ahmad Yassavi, visited Uzbekistan on the 14th of September. Our guests gladly emphasized that the Uzbek, Turkish and Kazakh languages are not alien to each other, on the contrary, they are different branches of a tree as a brother tongue.
          Umer Küçük Mehmet spoke about his works in translation, including the translations of great representatives of the Uzbek storytellers. The students received answers to all their questions regarding translation, Turkish education system and cooperation issues.