Not two, but four languages are needed

Date of publication:
22 January 2019

Shukhrat Sirojiddinov, the Rector of Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University of the Uzbek Language and Literature held a meeting with academic staff and talented students of the university. He uttered about the affairs in university in 2018 and details of visit to Turkey, and discussed the further plans with the participants of the meeting. “Our national duty is to promote the Uzbek language and literature around the world. We need to know foreign languages to complete this task. Russian, English, and oriental (Arabic and farsi) have been taught so far in our university but you have to learn Turkish, French, Chinese and other languages additionally. This is the requirement of development. Our philologists must be the personnels who are well knowledgeable of information technologies, our history and traditions, as well as are capable of speaking in several languages fluently” stressed Shukhrat Sirojiddinov. According to the agreements signed with other countries, visits of our hundreds of students are planned to Turkey, Russia, China and India in this academic year. In order to accomplish our great aims not two, but four languages are needed.