A number of educational and scientific institutions in Turkey have established cooperation with TSUULL

Date of publication:
11 January 2019

TSUULL staff is still on business trip to Turkey. Acontract was signed with the Topkapi Palace Museum of Manuscripts the following day of visit. In accordance with this contract, an agreement was reached on joint study of the works of Alisher Navoi and representatives of Uzbek literature. This means reading and analyzing the classic handwritten works of our national literature.

In addition, a close partnership was established with the famous Ankara University  Hoca Bayram Valli. A bilateral agreement was signed and prospects for cooperation were discussed. Afyon Kocatepa University has also become one of the close partners of TSUULL. It is planned that this university will participate in the implementation of mutually beneficial projects in the field of political science. As a result of negotiations, Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University of the Uzbek Language and Literature reached agreements  to develop joint programs: with Karabük University of Turkey in the field of science, education and tourism, with Afyon University in the field of sociology, with the Ankara University of Khoja Bayram Veli in computer graphics and design.