24 December2018

A poetic meeting with Sirojiddin Sayyid

A literary evening dedicated to poetry was held at Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature on December 19. Sirojiddin Sayid, the People's Poet of Uzbekistan and Chairman of the Writers' Union of Uzbekistan visited as a guest of the event and uttered about Uzbek poetry that has not lost its value in the course of centuries, as well as his contributions and achievements in Uzbek modern literature. The poet acknowledged the philosophy and the sense of national pride in the works of Uzbek modern literature stars Abdulla Aripov and Erkin Vakhidov. During the...
22 December2018

Russian language in international communication

On December 21, 2018, an international teleconference was held on the theme “Russian language in international communication” at Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University of the Uzbek Language and Literature, in collaboration with the Tyumen State University. Within the frame of the teleconference, the results of the function of the Tyumen State University in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, cooperation of the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan and Vietnam on educational and public organizations, modern methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language were...
22 December2018

Future translators demonstrated their skills

103 group of the faculty of Uzbek-English translation of Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University of the Uzbek language and literature conducted a lesson on the topic “Translation of Uzbek fairy tales into English” (O'zbek ertaklarini ingliz tiliga tarjima qilish). The group was divided into two teams and made their presentations at the lesson. During the lesson, they demonstrated the performance of ​​translating an Uzbek fairy tale, a video on the theme “Poisoning is a snake's job” (Ilonning ishi ­­- zahar solmoq )  and funny theater scenes about what a translator should be. At the end of...
22 December2018

Innovative works of the students have been presented

The students of group № 302 of Uzbek language and literature faculty of Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University of the Uzbek Language and Literature held the presentation of multimedia materials which were created on the basis of “Mother Tongue” textbook for 8th grades under the guidance of the Candidate of Philological Science  Tursunoy Yusupova, at school № 17 in Yangiyul.  These materials assist teachers to educate and aid pupils to learn the classes that are taught. Currently, these materials are being improved. 
20 December2018

Performance of a film about patriotism

A film of Hilol Nasimov “Life” (Hayot) was performed to students at Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University of the Uzbek Language and Literature on December 18. The film directed by Hilol Nasimov and the national poet of Uzbekistan Ikbol Mirzo was dedicated to the memory of our heroic soldiers  died in  the fight against terrorists who illegally crossed the borders of Surkhandarya region in 2000. Kamoliddin Egamberdiyev, executive officer of the republican cinema centre of Uzbekistan expressed his opinions about the movie and emphasized its importance for the spirituality of young people....
19 December2018

Conversation with an artist-writer

The following activity of “Analysis” (Tahlil) was conducted by Ulughbek Hamdam, the Doctor of Philological Sciences, a talented writer and favourite teacher of students. This lesson was dedicated to literary analysis of autobiographical works of the national artist of Uzbekistan and writer Alisher Mirzo “Artist” (Musavvir) and “A lad from Kallakhona” (Kallaxonalik yigitcha). Alisher Mirzo visited the club activity and shared interesting information about these works. During the meeting students expressed their opinions and comments on the abovementioned works of the writer. The writer...
17 December2018

Drug abuse - the plague of the century, let's protect the young people

On December 17, 2018, a roundtable on the theme “Drug abuse - the plague of the century, let's protect the young people.” was held at Alisher Navo'i Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature. Hatimbek Jalalov, the expert of the National Center for Drug Control under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan informed about physical, material and moral damage from drugs. Drug addiction is considered one of the biggest issues facing the world community today. It is even sadder that most of those who are involved in this are young people. Becoming the “slaves” of...
16 December2018

Webinar with the participation of foreign scientists

On December 15, 2018, a webinar for teachers was held at Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University of the Uzbek Language and Literature on the topic “Modern pedagogical technologies in teaching Russian as a foreign language”. Speaker - Associate Professor of the Pushkin Institute of Russian Language and Literature O.I. Gorbich delivered a lecture on the theory of teaching Russian as a foreign language (resources on the Russian language, gaming technology in learning Russian, the essence of gaming technology, types of didactic gaming technology). Thanks to the webinar, teachers learned about...
15 December2018

How are classes organized at the university?

TSUULL is not only one of the most modern universities in our country, but also in the world. Today, the representatives of sphere express the warmest thoughts about the material and technical base and the potential of teachers. What is the reason for this? To answer this question, you need to have sufficient image of ​​the activities of our university. There are several reasons for this: First, students enjoy the lessons. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in non-traditional classes. In turn, the teacher also prepares for the lesson and searches new materials. For...
14 December2018

Workshops by experts of Tyumen State University

A Pedagogical Workshop was organized in cooperation with the office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Uzbekistan and experts from Tyumen State University at Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University of the Uzbek Language and Literature. Ertner Daria Evgenievna, Dracheva Svetlana Olegovna, Pochtreva Olga Viktorovna, Ratsen Tatyana Nikolaevna ,assistant professors of Tyumen State University organized training courses for teachers of Russian language and literature in Uzbekistan to study Russian as a foreign language. More than 30 Uzbek teachers attended training courses organized from December 11-14. The...