Naim Karimov


Karimov Naim Fatihovich (1932. 12.12, Tashkent) - literary scholar, public figure. Honored Man of Science of the Republic of Uzbekistan (1996). Doctor of Philology (1993). Professor (1994). He graduated from the Philology Faculty of Tashkent University (1955). Head of department at the Institute of Language and Literature of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan (from 1990).

Naim Karimov conducts research on the features of the development of Uzbek literature in the 20th century. He was a pioneer in studying Uzbek literature and the works of great representatives of that period on the basis of national ideology. In his scientific activity, literary phenomena are predominantly studied in relation to historical events, and literary works are analyzed in comparison with  the writer's life and spiritual-aesthetic world.

Naim Karimov was involved in preparing and publishing Oybek, G'afur G'ulom, Hamid Olimjon and Hamza's voluminous academic publications.