The subsidiaries of the department was established in the creative school

“ The seminar with participation of rectors of all universities of our country was held at the Creativity school named after Abdulla Kadiri. At the end of the seminar the subsidiaries of the main departments of Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature named after Alisher Navoi were established at the school. ”

The creativity school established by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers on December 3, 2018, specializes in the study of Uzbek language and literature and the secrets of art. This is a direct link between the school and our university. The main condition for the organization of continuous learning is to create a system that covers all levels of education. In this regard, it is important that the  university professors should work with students regularly, develop their talents and  direct them to higher education according to their interest. Taking this into consideration the  University of Uzbek Language and Literature will  support the school named after Abdulla Kadiri in academic, scientific, creative, spiritual and educational fields. The purpose is clear - to support the young generation in creative work, to bring them up on a clear system and help them to become the genuine promoters, developers and researchers of Uzbek language and literature.