Tashkent State University of the Uzbek language and literature introduced the information system "organization and management of the educational process" ( http://e.navoiy-uni.uz) and MOODLE distance learning platform (http://moodle.navoiy-uni.uz) .

“The university has created conditions for students to receive distance education in 174 subjects on 5 bachelor specialities, 43 subjects on 7 Master's specialties and 217 subjects in total. The relevant educational materials on all subjects are regularly ”

A total of 154 video lessons and 66 audio lessons on relevant topics were prepared by professors and posted on youtube.com. Professors communicate with students in a variety ways, including the MOODLE system, Telegram channels (t.me/prTSUULL) and other systems, and provide on-line advice for students on relevant topics.

Also, in the spring semester of 2019/2020 academic year, a database of tests in 30 subjects has been formed to assess the students' knowledge through the online test information system(http://test.navoiy-uni.uz). Besides, it is planned to form a test base of all subjects and to assess the level of students through this system.