School is the source of education and tuition

“ A working group of the Cabinet of Ministers is inspecting the function of secondary schools in Fergana in accordance with the orders of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan at video-selector on issues of developing public education system, improving the qualification of pedagogues and their prestige in society, and rising the spirituality of the young generation dated August 23, 2019. ”

The main objective of inspection is to meet with the academic staff of schools, increase the quality of education, and improve the image of teacher. Executives of Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University of the Uzbek language and Literature in working team went to Buvayda district in order to complete their task. They have been to 55 schools in the district, organized roundtable with staff of the schools, had conversation with pupils about 5 initiatives that had been advanced by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and awarded active students with books.

The role of headmasters is of great importance in advancing the education quality at secondary schools. If a leader can establish hard-working team, implement new ideas there will be improvement and growth at that school. Taking them into account, an open conversation was held and active leaders of Buvayda and Uchkuprik attended it. During the conversation they came to conclusion that the world view of a teacher should be changed in order to make change in education, increasing the authority of teachers depends on the behavior of themselves and forms by loyalty to their profession. Know-how, creative leaders shared their experiences. Suggestions on organizing seminar every month for headmasters were offered.