The Youths and Nature

“ Protecting the Environment is the duty of every human being. The youths have much responsibility in term of this. Considering this, the students of the group N-103 of the faculty of the translation theory and practice organized an open lesson on theme "Environmental issues". ”

The lesson prepared by  Nargiza Xujakulova, the head teacher in the department of the intercultural communication and tourism was appreciated much by qualified teachers and as well as the international specialist - Rhine Stchweitzer. As the students made very fluent speech, their presentation about global issues  and their solution were very impressive. Besides, the students'  knowledge was checked by several pedagogical methods. At the end of the lesson, the guest-teachers chose the best orator and rewarded him/her . The lesson like these are important not only because they help students to  learn foreign languages properly, but also give them knowledge about global topics.