Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature (TSUULL) offers opportunity to study for bachelor, master and doctoral degrees.

Applications for bachelor's will be accepted from students who have successfully completed application form. Study at TSUULL is non granted. Bachelor level studies is 4 academic years and master is 2 academic years (for PhD-students 3 academic years). Please note - competition is high, student need to have excellent marks (for bachelor students Commission will evaluate marks for the completed study year at the College or High school, for master students - all marks received during bachelor studies), as well as student need to prepare good motivation and recommendation letters.

Applications have to be submitted (for bachelor and master’s studies from June, 1/ for PhD-students from October, 1) per year.

Academic year at TSUULL for master and bachelor level students starts from 1st week of September. Academic year ends on the end of June.