Scientific Journals

Scientific Journals

Journal “O’zbekiston: til va madaniyat”

The journal  “O’zbekiston: til va madaniyat” registered in the means of Mass Media and Press Agency of Uzbekistan was given the agency’s certification numbered 0946. The journal is aimed to analyze  social-financial, cultural, educational  news  with linguistic features , as well as  defining  results of the researchs  in the spheres of linguistics, literary criticism,  pedagogical methodology, cultural anthropology, culturology,  history, sociology and religious  in Uzbek, English and Russian languages.


Journal "Oltin bitiklar"

The editorial regulation of the journal “Oltin bitiklar”  was formed and registered in the means of Mass Media and Press Agency  of Uzbekistan and given the agency’s certification numbered  0949. Examples from Turkish, Uzbek and Eastern literature and culture, researches on the fields such as textual criticism, learning sources and texts, literary criticism, linguistics, and results of the scientific researchs in translation, national history, archaelogy, ethnography, anthropology, numismatics, cultural anthropology are going to be published in Uzbek, English  and  Russian languages.

    Journals are planned to be printed  four times a year.  Now scientific articles planned to be printed in the journal are being collected.