The faculty of Uzbek-English translation

Raupova Laylo Raximovna


Sayfullaev Anvar Islomovich

Phone: +99871 2814736


Scientific degree:


Office hours: from 9.00 to 17.00 

Deputy Dean on spiritual and enlightenment affairs:

Khalilov Shokir Khurramovich

Deputy dean on educational affairs:

Kadirov Akhror Bakhodirovich





The staff complement of the faculty is 31 out of 30 are professors and teachers. 24 of them are core staff and 6 of them are substitute (5 internal and 1 external substitutes). Two of them are Doctors of science; three of them are candidates of science, 1 PhD, 3 senior tutors and 21 tutors. Scientific potential of the faculty is 16.6 %.

About the students of the faculty:

5120900 – 353 students (bachelors) study in Uzbek-English translation and practice educational direction. 121 of them are first-year students (25 on the basis of government budget, 96 on the basis of tuition fee), 130 of them are second-year students (35 on the basis of government budget, 95 on the basis of tuition fee) and 102 of them are third-year students (35 on the basis of government budget, 95 on the basis of tuition fee).

There are 353 students in the faculty, 285 out of which are female and 68 are male.

 Duties of the faculty:

  • training the proficient  translators and interpreters who translate scientific, literary and other works into high quality from Uzbek to foreign languages and vice versa;
  • To upbring the students as personnels who are mature and have wide worldview in the spirit of love and devotion to the Motherland, respect for universal values, using the rich opportunities of Uzbek language and literature;
  • To provide the merit place of Uzbek language on the worldwide information network system; to create scientific- methodological manuals related to developing translation programs, dictionaries and e-textbooks on the basis of major foreign languages, computational style for Uzbek language; to prepare practical advice and to implement the results in this field.


Clubs at the Faculty:

Speaking Club

Interpretation Club

Readers’ Club

Movie Club

“Lingua Cinema Club”

Creative Writing Club

Oriental Languages:

Clubs for learning Arabic and Persian languages

  “Hilol” literary club is established for the admirers of literature

International Relations of the Faculty: Aston University in Great Britain, Indiana, Colorado, Chicago Universities in USA, Tokyo University in Japan