Aruz lovers

The club " Gulshan"  was founded in the 1980s by the late literary critic, Doctor of Philology, Professor Anvar Hojiahmedov. The club aims to provide students, listeners and all interested people with the basics of the theory and practice of Aruz(Turkic poetic rythm)
Aftondil Erkinov, Doctor of Philology, headed the club after Anvar Hojiahmedov. Since 2000, It has been led by Dilnavoz Yusupova, Doctor of Philology.
Classes are held in two parts in several groups.  First, Aruz is explained theoretically. This is the first stage. In the second stage, the members of the club independently determine the prosody of classical poems and practice reading them according to the rules. After the theoretical and practical exercises, special exams are held, skills are strengthened.

Another goal of "Gulshan" is to ensure the active participation of members in scientific conferences that are about various theoretical problems of Uzbek classical literature.

There are several scholars such as Zuhra Mamadalieva, Candidate of Sciences in Philology, and poets Ahtamkuli, Shahnoza Rahmonova, Dilsoz Tursunova, Rano Hakimjanova, Utkir Yuldoshev, Orol Normatov, Abdukamol Abdujalilov among the members of the club.
The Scientific-theoretical and pedagogical-practical experience is reflected in  "Mumtoz aruz malohati", "She'riy san'atlar" by Anvar Hojiahmedov; "Alisher Navoiy "Xamsa"sida mazmun va ritmning badiiy uygunligi", "Temuriylar davridagi aruzga doir risolalarning qiyosiy tahlili", "Aruz alifbosi" by Dilnavoz Yusupova,  as well as a number of bachelor’s theses, master’s dissertations and dozens of scientific and popular articles. Moreover, there is also a channel "Aruz saboqlari" on the social network Telegram for lovers of Aruz.