"HILOL" circle


Supporting the young who are busy with creative works is one of the most important tasks today. Therefore, in order to teach them, to inform them about the endless secrets of the creative world and, of course, to support them, the extra curriculum "Hilol" has been established at Alisher Navo'i Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature.  Young poets, future critics, students of not only TSUULL but also of other universities, who want to become professional writers in the future gathered to attend in the lessons.This extra curriculum  is headed by our teacher Olim Usmanov, who organizes conversations with famous poets and writers of our country. To date, participants have enjoyed having  conversations with poets and writers such as Anvar Obidjon, Zebo Mirzo, Ahtamquli, Iqbol Mirzo, Rustam Mirvohid, Usmon Azim, Bahodir Qobil, Shodmonqul Salom and critics such as Bahodir Karim, Umarali Normatov, Abdulla Ulugov, Uzok Jurakulov.

In addition, each member of the study group should take turns to submit their creations to the members for discussion. They are given a few days to do so. The members of the group  come to the lesson with their ideas ready by thoroughly analyzing the poems, stories and tales discussed in order not to waste time. The successes and defects of the young artists are described here. Besides participants, young creators who have just entered the world of literature, but today are active and have lots of fans, will not be left out of the spotlight. Jontemir, Mirzohid Muzaffar, Khurshid Abdurashid, Shahriyor Shavkat, Tillaniso, Suhrob Ziyo, Mansur Jumayev are among them. The purpose of this is to strengthen the artistic analysis of the young and thus teach them to evaluate other artists and their own work. And if you say that the extra curriculum is over, you are wrong. The most interesting part  is still ahead. In the main part, future poets read new works in a completely free environment. Sometimes the process goes on until dark, and a poetry competition begins among the participants. On special days of the lesson, a literary work is given for reading and its discussion takes place in a group. So, every day is different. By the way, the works of the artists who were commended during  the discussion  will be presented to newspapers and magazines such as "O'zbekiston adabiyoti va san'ati", "Guliston", "Yoshlar ovozi", "Kitob dunyosi" by the chairman of the curriculum. This will have an useful impact on their future activities. In the future, it is planned to provide the students with all possible assistance in the publication of books.  

"Hilal" consists of about fifty people, including Abdulaziz Ahmad, Shirin Olmasova, Shahzod Shodmon, Shohroz Mominzoda, Elyor Mirzo, Shalola Safartosheva, Mahvash Shoniy, Parizoda Roziboyeva, Shahzod Juraev, Niyatullo and so on. It is a huge family. If you want to join our family - feel free! We always welcome you!


 Currently, due to the quarantine period in our country, we continue our lessons online. Our address: t.me/Hilol_t

Hilal is your place!

Hulkar Murtozayeva


Student of the Faculty of Uzbek Philology