"Memory is eternal, dignity is sacred"

“Nations are alive with historical memory. Memory is a great factor that symbolizes the past life, the teachings of our ancestors and our national heritage. After all, it is both an obligation and a duty for us to remember and appreciate the good deeds of”

   May 9  has been celebrated in our country since 1999 as a national holiday. On this day,  the courage and noble deeds of our compatriots who died in World War II are  remembered. There are also specific customs of our people, such as visiting neighbors, relatives and  the elderly living alone. However, due to the pandemic, it was recommended not to go outside in the quarantine situation  and  to prevent the accumulation of the population. So, let us stay at home understanding the situation and praying for our ancestors. After all,  our hearts are together!

Happy   Memory and Honor day, dears!