Remembering Navoi in the Alley of Litterateurs ...

“The Alley of Litterateurs built in Alisher Navoi National Park, has become even more beautiful today. The majestic monument of the great poet - Alisher Navoi, which gives a special charm to this garden, is another example of the high attention paid to lit”

    The head of our state recommended to turn this avenue into a place of literature, enlightenment and culture, to attach a statue of each writer to a certain university, and to organize open classes and educational events there. The monument of Alisher Navoi was attached to TSUULL. This is, of course, a high recognition and honor for our university.


     Our students and teachers have been accustomed to organizing master classes, creative meetings, and poetry events  on this place. In particular, the literary discussion organized in the Alley of Litterateurs with the participation of a group of students and professors of the faculty of Uzbek philology and  the Department of Youth Affairs, Spirituality and Enlightenment of TSUULL is a good proof of our words.The lively conversation of teachers and students about the life and work of Alisher Navoi as well as his immortal legacy was interesting and useful for both generations.

   Literary scholar Abdulla Ulugov told the students interesting information on "The life and work of Alisher Navoi is a way of spiritual life for young people". Moreover,  creative students also read samples of Alisher Navoi's poetry.


   The Alley of Litterateurs is, surely, the most exciting place for anyone who is not indifferent to literature, history and culture. You can go to this alley at any time and take part in similar literary circles.