Five initiatives are in practice

“A number of proceedings are being implemented for putting into practice the Presidential decrees of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on radically reforming the higher education system and five initiatives at Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University”

The authorities attach great importance to such issues as reinforcing the attention to the youth of the university, attracting them culture, arts, physical education and sports, developing the skills using information technologies in the youth, promoting reading among the young people, and increasing the rates of employment among women.

Apart from the science clubs which are operating in accordance with plan, organization of the club Ebru and being taught by the Turkish master of this art Abdurahmon Qalandar the students are glad. Along with learning the secrets if this art the students will also have the opportunity to study Turkish thoroughly.

Sabohat Bozorova

Lecturer of Uzbek linguistics department