The place where five initiatives are assembled

“Numerous resolutions have been adopted, practical works have been applied and certain outcomes have been accomplished for improving state policy concerning the youth, protecting the rights and benefits of the young people, creating the necessary condition”

Although, the affairs in this regard are on a large scale and keeps its actuality. From this perspective, in a video-selector on “Implementing 5 initiatives on increasing the youths’ interest for culture, arts, sports, information technologies and reading” that led by the President of the State on March 19, 2019 the issues related to improving the youth and 5 prior initiatives were advanced. Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University of the Uzbek Language and Literature is a bright example of the places where these initiatives are being implemented. Sewing, cooking and beauty workshops, Ebru and art clubs, “Heirs of Nava’i” theatrical and musical studios have been organized for the students of TSUULL. Library and co-working center are favorite places of book lovers. There is a special room “Mother and child” for young mothers including teachers and students. There are special clubs for the students who are keen on information technologies and coding. Students start their creative and practical activities in well0equipped rooms after the classes. Sport-lover students meet the sports coach every morning. In short, our university is an institution where all five initiatives have been gathered and demonstrated their results clearly.