International Conference: New Heights of Mother Tongue

“The International Scientific and Practical Conference "Prospects for cooperation in the promotion of the Uzbek language in the world" was held on October 20. ”

The Conference agenda consisted of 5 sections and more than 20 participants with such actual topics as "Devonu lug'ati turk dialects of the Uzbek language" by professor B. Abdushukurov and "Features of the structure and content of the work Ieronim Migorizer’s Institutinnum linguae Turcicae” by Nodirbek Djurakoziev, Dr. Ahmet Karaman (Turkey) “The problem of art verbs in translations from Uzbek to Turkish”, Professor Zilola Hudaybergenova (Turkey), PhD, Associate Professor Abdurahim Nasirov with his topic "The role and importance of expressions in the development of intercultural dialogue and the Uzbek language" were important, as well as the solution of the problem.
More than 20 lectures were delivered to the 5th section entitled "Problems of Applied Linguistics and Linguo didactics". Such as, "Factors of development of the Uzbek language" by Bakhtiyor Mengliyev, "Turkish morpheme portal as an instrument in the formation of the database" by Ayrat Gatiatullin (Tatarstan) and Nilufar Abdurahmanova, "The work on the linguistic support of information retrieval systems in Uzbek linguistics" by Shahlo Khamroyeva, "Progressive development of corpus linguistics in world and Uzbek linguistics" by Askar Eshmuminov and "Peculiarities of teaching the Uzbek language to foreigners" by Saodat Adilova aroused great interest among the participants.