Our library is enriched with 3,000 books

“Have you ever wondered how many years it takes to read all the books in the world? Do you say no? Find out this! According to the statistics, it takes 60,000 years on average! To date, more than 130 million books have been published worldwide.”

Why did we focus on the subject of books? The reason is that the beloved library of our university was given 3,000 new books yesterday. The Writers' Union of Uzbekistan, along with a number of organizations, gave 3,000 books to Alisher Navo'i Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature. These books contain the best examples of Uzbek literature and the works of the brightest representatives of prose and poetry.
In the process of giving the books, Gayrat Majid, the Deputy Chairman of the Writers' Union of Uzbekistan, and Jonmirza Mirzaev, the head of the information and resource center of Alisher Navo'i University, as well as the library staff attended. 3,000 new books is waiting for their readers. Hopefully, the university library will be crowded with students again in the coming days.