Students of TSUULL have completed their studies abroad with honors

“Today, 3 students of TSUULL completed a semester of study on the basis of ERASMUS EXCHANGE PROGRAM (Mevlana Exchange) at Nigde Omer Halisdemir University in Turkey and were awarded certificates. ”

Happily, the 3rd year students - Durdona Bultakova, Dilnavoz Najimova, Nodira Khudoynazarova successfully completed the semester with the highest scores. Moreover, they have published scientific articles, participated in international competitions and won them. It is commendable that they did not lose initiative among more than 60 local and foreign students in their groups during their studies. They were able to defend the honour of the university and our country abroad. The University is proud of such achievements of its students and wishes them success in their future endeavors.