Muhamedova Saodat Xudoyberdiyevna

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  • Information Technologies

  • Uzbek Language


The faculty educates specialists in the following areas:

  • 5112400 - Uzbek in other language groups 

  • 5160600 - Publishing activity 


5112400 – Curricula for teaching  Uzbek in other language groups

      • 1-course 

      • 2-course 


5160600 - Curricula  for  Publishing activity

  • 1-course 


          The faculty of Uzbek language formed in October 2019 is a new faculty of philological education in the Republic. That’s why the faculty is aimed at implementing the planned reforms in the field of philological education in the Republic. It is obvious that  Uzbek is taught a) as a mother tongue; b) as the state language. Currently, there are 827 Russian-language schools, 386 Kazakh-language schools, 250 Tajik-language schools, 58 Kyrgyz-language schools, and 45 Turkmen-language schools in Uzbekistan.   Today, 453,809 Russian-speaking, 46,640 Kazakh-speaking, 59,360 Tajik-speaking, 7,072 Kyrgyz-speaking, and 8,573 Turkmen-speaking students are studying therein.   Uzbek is considered as a language of education, communication, job interaction.  So it is very important in all spheres of life. It leads to teaching Uzbek at all levels of education in Uzbekistan, particularly  - secondary schools, academic lyceums, and vocational colleges, as well as the higher education system. 

     This subject is included in the basic subject of the curriculum of educational institutions as a crucial subject. Taking all into consideration,  the faculty educate candidates to formulate teachers of secondary schools, academic lyceums, and vocational colleges of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as teachers of  “Uzbek language - the state language” in the higher education system.

       In addition, another goal of the faculty is training future professionals of Uzbek language for job positions of more than 60 foreign higher educational institutions, faculties,  and the centers of Turkology, the centers of  Uzbek language and literature. 

        The Faculty of Uzbek Language also train students in the sphere of Publishing, which is considered another area of practical Uzbek language education.  In this case, publishers  obtain the qualification  in  modern  requirements  and standards of publishing: 

  •  working with authors and manuscripts, editing them, interacting in  various sections of publishing houses (logistics, producing, marketing, distribution), from a revision of the original material to books and series for publication;

  • posting information on the Internet portal or in printing house or on the tape of a news agency as a responsible editor, checking the texture, checking  the relevance of materials and topics to the idea of ​​the concept of the publication, creating  effective headlines, coordinating working team, preparation of thematic plans of publications, the ability to cover the material in the press after careful editing;

  •  as a bil'd-editor (photo-selecting editor) to find photos for the article, evaluate the quality of the photos, , place the photo material on the page;

  • as a content manager (person responsible for the publication or content of the website) to fill the website with the necessary content (textual and graphical information), interaction with users, communication;

  • as a copywriter, (specialist in  writing advertising texts)  is write advertising texts   to buy the product;

  • as post-editor to  compare the text with the original and correct spelling and gesture errors made  by typists, eliminate violations of established technical rules, correct entries under pictures, diagrams, diagrams, the distance between the letters in the line check for availability;

  •  as a media manager, manage different media, define their development strategy, manage media projects and create media products in various media, implement media planning, define brand strategy and media marketing in the market, create advertising budgets, advertisers to develop useful proposals for and deal with other economic issues;

  • arrange  contracts with publishing houses as a mediator and monitor,  its full implementation: from letters of guarantee, mock-up and payments, receipt of invoices, acts of acceptance and test copies (copies of published advertising publications) to engage;

  • implementing a media product design as a media designer, developing design concepts at the request of customers, artistic decoration of commercial proposals (presentation of projects), 3D-visualization of non-standard advertising structures, creating models for outdoor advertising in various formats, files preparation for publication;

  • ability to work in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In  design, Sorel Draw, Power Point, 3D-MAX, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, etc.