International Relations Department is structured and recognized to organize the development of international cooperation of the University in global arena in order to train experts of international level in the field of educational, research and social activities.

Objectives: to organization and coordinate the University's participation in international cooperation programs that contribute to improving the quality of training, implementation of joint research and, in General, increase the prestige of the University at the international level.


The international Department of Tashkent state University of Uzbek language and literature specializes in:

- Organization of international activities of the University, in accordance with the objectives of the University, defined by the Academic Council and the Rector of the University;

- Organizing and supporting of negotiations of the rector of the University, Vice-rectors, deans of faculties and heads of structural divisions with foreign delegations and representatives;

- Organization of negotiations, creation of new contracts and agreements on cooperation with foreign universities and organizations;

- Development of academic mobility-attraction of foreign teachers, aimed at the convergence of educational standards, improving the quality of education, developing University in a same level with the international partner;

- Organization and documentary support in the implementation of projects of international cooperation of the University, faculties and departments with foreign partners;

- Providing visa support and control over time of residence of foreign citizens invited to the University for training, internships, research, participation in international scientific and cultural events and exchange programs;

- Realization of international communications of the University, implementation of programs of additional education, cultural exchanges and youth mobility;

- Reporting the results of international activities of the University on time;

- Fulfillment of ongoing consulting and other assistance to departments and employees of the University.