Tashkent   State  University of  Uzbek Language and Literature named after Alisher Nava’i


1. General information.

On May 13, 2016 , the university was created according to the decree    PF-4797  of  the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan   "On the organization of the Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature   named after Alisher Nava’i".



2. The rector - Sirojiddinov Shuhrat Samariddinovich  has been working  in this position

since  May 16, 2016.


3. The structure of faculties and chairs of the University:

The number of faculties - 3: Uzbek language and literature teaching faculty, Uzbek-English translation faculty, Uzbek philology faculty.

The number of departments is 12.

4. Contents of students: 1233, Bachelor: 1205, Master's degree: 28.

5. The Number of bachelor's degrees: 3,

    The number of the specialists of  Master's degree 4

6. Teaching staff.

Total: 137 (102)

Scientific Potential: 64.0%

7. The technical-material base of the university.

The Number of educational institutions-4, Building of Information Resource Center-1, number of audiences - 60,  34  of them are teaching audiences,  linguistic classes-5,  computer classes- 14,   multimedia rooms-5,  synchronized audiences - 2, 1400 tutorials. Number of hostels  -  2, number of places - 480;