International Projects

International Projects


The aim of the project «CLASS: Interdisciplinary Master  Program on Computational Linguistics at Central Asian Universities» is to develop Kazakh and Uzbek universities capabilities to enhance access to higher education with blended courses in computational linguistics master program for students with linguistics and computational science background.

The specific objectives of the project area:

—to create and implement interdisciplinary master program in Computer linguistics in 7 Central

Asian universities under careful analysis of existing programs by August 2019;

—to implement blended learning technology in Central Asian universities within Computer

Linguistics master program for better learning opportunities and democratization of higher


—to create linguistic resources and applications.


The main goal of the project “Stand Against Drugs” (589583-EPP-1-2017-1-NO-

EPPKA2-CBYACPALA) in the light of Erasmus+ is to bring together participants

from Italy, Malta, Norway, Romania and Uzbekistan so they learn drug

abuse prevention methods and how to engage theirsociety in fighting against drugs as well as raising awareness about healthy lifestyle among the youth as there might be problems related with drug abuse in every country which come on the surface of society's life because of stress, limited material possibilities, or financial problems in dysfunctional families without status.