The museum of the Uzbek language and literature

This museum specifies following goals:

-to show general rules of progress of Uzbek literature by display of literature museum;

-to gather, investigate and publish verbal and written sources of the population of Central Asia, from ancient time till now, and to display by the means of exposition, especially, to work for educating the youth in spirit of inheritance to the heritages of our ancestors, love motherland;

-to gather the manuscripts and lithography  works which belong to the history of literature of people and to collect the archives of poet and writers to make category with them and to introduce to the scientific relation by printing valuable copies;

-to  collect  manuscripts which are  still  among  the  people, lithography  and  archives  of  poets,  poetesses  and  writers; to catalogue  them  and  to  scatter  the  most  valuable  patterns among  the  people  by  publishing them;

-to  popularize  the  greatest  spiritual,  cultural  and  scientific  heritage  of  our  ancestors  by  showing  the  results  of  searching about  the  main  steps  of  the  history  of  the Uzbek language  and  literature  in  the  civilization  of  the  world.  In  addition  to  this,  to  make  the  people, especially, the  youth realize who  we  are  by  teaching  the  Uzbek  language  and  literature;

The university is considered to be the main educational establishment that prepares specialists of the Uzbek language and literature, scientific personnel and practical translators and interpreters, to requalification of scientific personnel, to create scientific methodological materials in this field.