Tura Mirzayev


Tura Mirzayev was bprn in Shofirkan district of Bukhara. He is a folklorist, the Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor, the laurate of the State Award named after Beruni, Statesman of the republic of Uzbekistan, and the academician of the Uzbekistan Science Academy.

Tura Mirzayev is the the one of the famous representatives of Uzbek philology, the founder of fundamental scientific school, which researches Uzbek folklore.

He wrote and publish more than 600 scientific, methodological, scientific-popular works. There are 5 monographes, 5 textbooks and manuals, 45 books and folklore collections. The scientist’s books and articles have been published in Russian, Germany, Turkey, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmanistan. He prepared 24 Candidates of Science and 7 Doctors of Science.